Time to adapt!

Our climate is changing and we should be prepared. To ensure a safe, natural and wealthy future, adapting land to the changing conditions is one of the greatest challenges in the North Sea region.

Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have joined  forces in  a project called ‘Climate Proof Areas’. Scientists, water experts and civil servants from  all five partners  are  developing  new innovative and sustainable methods to  help render ten threatened areas climate proof. Within every project local governments and inhabitants are involved to make sure various local threats and problems will be taken into account.

Focusing on local environment and economic opportunities and  sharing this information between European partners means Climate Proof Areas will provide lessons for us all. Soon, Climate Proof Areas  will  help you to adapt your region  for  a better future.

Latest News

07 / 12 / 11

Newsletter Climate Proof Areas December 2011

In december 2011 a new newsletter on the Climate Proof Areas project was launched. You can read about how Europe and its climate policy changed foreve ..