Ghent University – Centre for Mobility and Physical Planning

Ghent University co-ordinates Work Package 1, focusing on gathering, updating and synthesising all existing information on the expected impact of climate change on the various partner regions involved in the project an d create a NSR wide impact analysis.

The Centre for Mobility and Physical Planning (AMRP) of the Ghent University is one of the four research teams of the Civil techniques, faculty Civil Engineering. Scientific research of the AMRP covers four domains: physical economy, physical management, physical planning and physical design, sustainable mobility and physical environment management. The team accomplishes fundamental, applied, strategic and policy preparing scientific research and is involved in knowledge exchange projects with a research related and educational approach.

Staff members of the AMRP divulge the research results by education, publications in national and international scientific and more popular magazines, by lectures at (inter)national seminars and congresses and finally by interviews in the press.


The report of the effects of climate change in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and United Kingdom, will be published here soon.


Ghent University,

Centre for Mobility and Physical Planning

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