The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The RSPB exists to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife, helping to create a better world for us all.  The charity has more than one million members, over 12,500 volunteers and 1,500 staff, more than 200 nature reserves, 10 regional offices, 4 country offices, and 1 vision: to work for a better environment that is rich in birds and other wildlife.

To help achieve this vision, the RSPB champions birds and the environment to decision-makers, protect, restore and manage habitats for birds and wildlife, and research the problems facing birds and the environment. This research underpins all their work and helps them find practical solutions that the RSPB can implement and promote to others.
The RSPB manages their nature reserves so that wildlife can flourish and people can get closer to nature. The RSPB also shares its knowledge and enthusiasm to help people of all ages enjoy the natural world. This includes an extensive education programme to enable young people to learn more about the environment.

The RSPB recognises that in delivering these positive conservation benefits their work also has some adverse impacts on the environment. The RSPB is committed to continual improvement in their own environmental performance, to meeting their statutory environmental obligations and to reducing environmental impacts.

The RSPB is lead partner for the projects Titchwell Marsh and Great Fen in the UK.


More information on the Titchwell Marsh project available soon.



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