Wildlife BCNP

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northhamptonshire, Petersborough Wildlife Trust owns Wicken Fen national reserve since 1899. The Wildlife Trust is a wildlife conservation charity that works for a better future for all kinds of wildlife across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough. Their mission is to protect and improve habitats and wildlife in their local area as well as helping people to enjoy and understand their local wildlife.

Many wildlife species and habitats have disappeared over the past 50 years. Once common species such as primrose and harebell now scarcely exist outside nature reserves. The Trust is working not just to protect what remains of wildlife reserve, but also to increase the numbers and diversity of native wild plants and animals in our countryside. Their work is in five main areas: Looking after reserves, creating new reserves and habitats, protecting wildlife beyond reserves & monitoring wildlife.

Wildlife BCNP is leading partner in the Great Fen project.


More information on the Wicken Fen project soon available.


Wildlife Trust NCPB,

Chris Gerrard, Great Fen Project manager

The Manor House, Broad Street, Great Cambourne,

Cambridge CB23 6DH, United Kingdom