Location: Arvika, Sweden

Flood control

Lake Vänern and its surroundings has been pointed out as an area particularly at risk with respect to flooding as a result of climate change. The water level outside of the city of Arvika is partly dependant on the water level of the lake. It is partly also depending on the water flow of the river Byälven, the border on which Arvika is situated. In Arvika there already have been floods with large damages and the climate change will result in more frequent and severe events, unless preparations or pro-active steps are taken. The CPA- project will analyze the impact of climate change in a local perspective, identify the consequences for infrastructure and capacity to deliver basic services and identify and evaluate realistic adaptation alternatives.

Current Status: City of Arvika - Climate Change Impacts

Outputs from existing regional climate change projections have been processed and additional climate modelling at higher resolution has been performed to produce climate projections for the region. Results from 16 climate change projections at 25 km resolution have been used to perform hydrological simulations for Lake Glafsfjorden, including changes in water level for selected design floods. Results from new climate model projections at 12 km resolution are being processed for use in hydrological simulations for Lake Glafsfjorden. Detailed analyses of future precipitation, particularly occurrence of intense precipitation, are underway for application to urban hydrology.
Detailed stormwater modelling using the advanced Tokyo Model, a first for Europe, are underway for both present and future climates.



Climate Proof Strategy for the city of Arvika


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