Great Fen

Location:  Great Fen, United Kingdom

Surface area: 37km²

Reconnecting nature reserves

The Great Fen is an opportunity to reconnect and buffer two National Nature reserves, provide a solution to flood risk problems to protect surrounding farmland and property, stop the loss of carbon to the atmosphere and sequester carbon from it. The Great Fen project will ensure that the anticipated effects of climate change are minimal and the wider area as a whole is climate proof on the long term.


Understanding the flood risk associated with the existing drainage system and the impacts on the site of Community Importance. Outputs will be reports and maps. The project wishes to take an imaginative approach to spatial planning that enables it to achieve its wide-ranging objectives. This includes adaptation to climate change, conservation of the heritage and natural resources, sustainable water resource management and a planning framework that supports tourism and the economy.
The conservation and restoration work required to achieve the protection of the peat soil and site of Community Importance will be partly implemented. Active management of the land will be undertaken to restore habitats and water levels. Outputs will be up to 1067 hectares of land in conservation management by grazing and other management techniques.




Investment in connection of two nature reserves

Monitoring the effects