Hanging beaches

Cascades in combination with sand nourishments

Location: Schelpehoek, Eastern Scheldt, Schouwen-Duiveland

Coastal defence

A cascaded coastal defence system consists of a series of hard constructions embedded in the flats. This means the hard edges are applied on the isolines of flats every 25 to 30 centimetres. It can be constructed of stone or sand compacted with cement. The construction doesn’t prevent erosion directly, but retains the sand. What results in a landscape with a stairway like relief ensuring foraging possibilities for birds (waders) as well as reducing wave function of the dike.

The cascade will be situated in front of the dike. In between the dike and the cascade, a nourishment will be placed to ensure sand supply for the cascade. (see the picture below) The sand nourishment will extend the effectiveness of the cascade; the cascade will extend the lifetime of the sand nourishment. 


Invest in a hanging beach in Schelpehoek and monitor its effects during 3 years. The lessons learned will be integrated in larger projects.



Current situation

1. Sand nourishment near the dike

2. Applying hard edges

3. Cascades in front of the dike



Installing a hanging beach

Monitoring the effects