Wesermarsch - Rural Hinterland

Location:County Wesermarsch, Lower Saxony, north-west Germany

Area: County Wesermarsch: 820 km2; Inhabitants: 93,000

What do we want to achieve?

Climate Proof Areas aims to ensure the functioning of the irrigation system and the drainage function for the low rural hinterland of the county.

Fresh water of the river Weser irrigates the area now. Due to higher salt concentrations in the river negative effects impose on the watering system and the utilisation of this water. Likely higher precipitation accompanied with a shifting yearly distribution as consequences of climate change ask for the adaptation of the existing drainage system.


A feasibility study will investigate the challenges of climate change to water management, coastal protection and agricultural use of the area: How can the efficiency of the drainage system be increased taking into account the consequences of climate change? What are the options of combining the issues of increased probability of intense precipitation, increased storm frequency and storm intensity? How can an integrated adaptation approach be developed to problems of rural hinterlands for the future?

Within the Climate Proof Areas proejct we will apply and enhance the participatory integrated assessment approach of the ComCoast project:

  • the continuously integration and engagement of relevant stakeholders from the start
  • support of scientific research and investigations in hydrology and soil science


  1. Developing a vision for the county Wesermarsch for the year 2050 together with all stakeholders (inc. rural and urban area)
  2. Developing jointly options to approach a solution for the existing problems, taking future climate change into account
  3. Applying an integrated assessment procedure


  • Ag. for Water Mgt., Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation (Lower Saxony, NLWKN)
  • Water boards (Butjadingen, Stadland, Jade)
  • Dike boards (I. and II. Dike Board Oldenburg)
  • County Government (Dep. of Spatial Planning, Dep. of the Environment)
  • Municipalities Butjadingen
  • Chamber of Agriculture
  • Farmer's Association Lower Saxony (Landvolk)
  • National Park Authority (Dep. for Man and Bioshpere)
  • BUND Friends of the Earth, Association for Environmental Protection (NGO)
  • Ministry of the Interior Lower Saxony, Government Agency Oldenburg, Dep. Spatial Planning