Sand nourishment

In Schouwen-Duiveland, Climate Proof Areas will test the effects of spraying of sand-banks on the land erosion caused by the sea.

Location: Galgeplaat, Intertidal area of the Oosterschelde, province of Zeeland, the Netherlands

Surface area: sand nourishment of 20 ha


Sand nourishments is an innovative way to enforce the coast defence. During the project a sand nourishment will be executed on the intertidal area Galgeplaat. By monitoring the project for 3 years we will find out whether it copes effectively with the erosion of the area.


The planned monitoring will be extended to learn more from the measures taken and give input to modelling the geo-morphological processes. Based on the lessons learnt in this project a new larger scale project can be prepared. Diameter of the nourishment is 500 m and it contains approximately 150.000 m³ of sand.



Adding sand nourishments

Monitoring the effects

Coastal Defence Project

Several ideas, dealing with the reduction of erosion of the forelands, will be executed in the Oosterschelde. This is the first time that pilots of this nature are executed in the North Sea Region. It is innovative in the way that it considers off-shore measures to deal with anticipated sea level rise and that the measures are based on natural processes (building with nature).


19 / 12 / 11

Schouwen-Duiveland: end report Plompe Toren online

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