Location: The island of Schouwen-Duiveland in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands

Surface area: 230 km2

Transform to a sustainable climate proof area

The Island will be used to study and demonstrate different potential solutions in practice. Within the area particular attention will be paid to the design of an area surrounded by dikes and water, for living, working and leisure. New ways of coastal defence, combining functions on how to deal with sea level rise, surplus of rain water, land use planning to reduce damage in case of a flood, etc. will be studied. This will allow the CPA partners to conduct a comprehensive, integrated design for development of the island. Another issue is the possible relocation and heightening of regional roads in the future. The road may serve more functions simultaneously, such as an evacuation route in case of an event and a secondary inland dike.

Analysing the effects of climate change for the island.

The analysis will result in a climate change effect atlas in 2009. Also, the effects on social-economic field will be analysed in 2009. In 2009/2010 long term vision plans will be developed to cope with these effects realizing a safe and sustainable future (planet, people, profit). During the CPA project plans will be made to anticipate on this.

For safety matters, during the CPA project, there will be studied on more innovative flood defences and on regional water management in correlation to spatial planning. Redesigning the regional water management is planned by 2011. During the project, there will be focussed on strengthening the water defences. CPA will try to develop more than just a standard seawall.


The province of Zeeland will manage the project. A project group is assembled by representatives from the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland,  Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of VROM, the Water Board Zeeuwse Eilanden and the knowledge institute Deltares. A process manager will lead the analyzing and planning process in which public participation will play an important role.