Titchwell Marsh

Location:     Titchwell Marsh, United Kingdom

Area: 379ha of the North Norfolk coastline.

Raising public awareness

The CPA project aims to raise awareness of the need for innovative forms of flood defence as part of adaptation to the impacts of climate change.  A managed realignment scheme has taken place at the nature reserve and CPA are keen to ensure that the reserves many thousands of visitors are able to see and appreciate the changes that the scheme has brought about.  Raising awareness amongst the public in this way may help further managed realignment schemes take place elsewhere around the coastline. 


The project has focused on communications work and the construction of an innovative visitor hide, that overlooks the EU Life Nature Fund funded managed realignment scheme.

The new visitor hide provides a fantastic opportunity for the reserves 80.000 visitors a year to see a managed realignment scheme first hand and experience how the habitat develops over time.  By creating this innovative new visitor facility CPA and the RSPB are demonstrating that managed realignment schemes can actually secure the future of a site and lead to investment and improvements for visitors.  This is a powerful message that contrasts with the public perception that realignment involves abandoning a site to the sea.



Moving Sea Defences

Monitoring effects



Pilot brochure Titchwell (english)


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