Wesermarsch - urban

Location: City of Brake, County Wesermarsch, Lower Saxony, north-west Germany

Surface area: City of Brake: 39 km2; Inhabitants: 16,000

Adapting strategy to climate change for Brake

The area of Wesermarsch is directly exposed to the North Sea. Here, the impacts of accelerated sea level rise interfere with the conversion of the dominating economic sectors tourism and agriculture. To ensure an adequate and efficient drainage of the urban area, Climate Proof Areas will develop an adaptation strategy for the city of Brake.

This strategy should tackle three main problems: higher precipitation and shifting yearly distribution and the higher run-off caused by the economic development and the enhancement of the trading and industrial area adjacent to the harbour of the city. The drainage system is currently draining both the rural hinterland surrounding the city and the urban area itself.


The innovative character is the integrated approach to tackle the challenges and offer opportunities beyond the fulfilment of mandatory duties for both the environment and the community living and working in the area. Within the Climate Proof Areas project we will apply and enhance the participatory integrated assessment approach of the ComCoast Project:

  • the continuously integration and engagement of relevant stakeholders
  • support of scientific research and investigations in hydrology

First we will develop a vision for the County Wesermarsch for the year 2050 with all stakeholders joining. Then we develop options to approach a solution for the existing problems together, taking the future climate change into account. Finally an integrated assessment procedure will be applied.


  • City of Brake (Dep. Town planning)
  • Oldenburg University
  • Dike board (II. Dike Board Oldenburg)
  • Water board (Brake and Stadland)
  • County Government (Dep. of Environment and Spatial Planning)
  • Agency for Water Mgt., Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation (NLWKN)
  • Drinking Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment (OOWV)
  • Ministry of Interior Lower Saxony, Government Agency Oldenburg, Dep. Spatial Planning
  • Agency for Economic Development of the county Wesermarsch


Climate Proof Strategy for the city of Brake


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