Wicken Fen

Location: Wicken Fen, United Kingdom

Surface area:  600 ha

Major climate change adaptation site

Wicken Fen has the potential to act as a major climate change adaptation site. As it is one of the most important lowland wetlands in Europe. Below sea level, Wicken Fen is also one of only a few surviving unimproved wetland fens in the East of England. The CPA project  provides a vital green lung and a recreational resource for the nearby highly urbanized growth zone of Cambridge. The proposed innovative activities at Wicken Fen will not only prepare this vitally important natural site for climate change, but it will also make the area more attractive for tourism and recreation.


The sensitive but large scale eco-hydrology re-wetting of arable land is necessary to protect depleting peat soils and to reverse centuries of soil loss. There are four major challenges; creating new wetland mosaic habitats, developing water management plans, gaining a clear understanding of the potential of typography and re-wetting peat soils to reduce carbon loss from soil oxidation.





Pilot brochure Wicken Fen (in english)